6% Contribution from Cafe Britt

 Cafe Britt

Are you a coffee lover? Café Britt exports and brews coffee and exquisite chocolates. Established by Steve Aronson in 1985 to sell roasted coffee to the local sector, they now have an online store and ninety two gift stores in eight countries. They do business across Latin America and the United States.

They essentially make gourmet coffee powder. They get chocolate and green coffee as raw components from suppliers. Setting fair trade practices with its providers, with dedication to its customers, Café Britt aspires to push ecological and social sustainability and a culture of excellence in coffee production.

Come check them out! With each purchase, you’re getting a 7% contribution to your very own non-profit Program. Create your account at Support My Program today. It is free! Log in, click Cafe Britt, make your purchase and you’ll get 6% contributed to your Program!

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