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Chocolate is a popular delicacy and beverage that comes from the Nahuatl word xocolātl, which means bitter water. Its main ingredient, Theobroma cacao, is fermented, roasted and grinded. In 1528, the Spaniards added sugar to the bitter product. In latter years, an emulsification process was pioneered by John Cadbury to make solid chocolate, creating the modern chocolate bar.

The Hershey’s Store is the official online store for HERSHEY. If you’re looking for chocolate gifts, collectibles and licensed merchandise, Hershey’s in the place to go. They’re the largest, oldest, and most renowned producer of chocolate in North America. They are a global leader in confectionery and sweets, with superior products sold in over 60 countries. Milton S. Hershey established the company in 1903.

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